My sabbatical home in Jaffa

The Beth Emet trip to Israel was so great. Working on putting my thoughts together with those of Pastors Nabors and Ruen. In the meantime, wanted to post some pictures of the neighborhood where I’m living in Jaffa. I’m a three minute walk to the old Jaffa market which is filled with colorful shops, artists, and a million cafes. It’s been a lot of fun to walk around and experience the sites, sounds, and tastes.

I had my first Arabic class yesterday. My teacher, Aliya, is a bundle of energy and class was a lot of fun. It’s face paced and we all made tons of mistakes and laughed a lot. She gave us a lot of homework, though, so I have to get cracking. My class has eight people in it–six Israelis, one Pakistani woman, and me. The Pakistani woman kept leaning over to me, asking me to translate from Hebrew (the language in which the class is taught) to English. It was quite a hoot!

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