Another day of rockets in the south, but back to normal in Tel Aviv

Rockets continue to be lobbed from Gaza into Israel, and Israel continues to attack sites on Gaza. To be honest, it feels far away from here. Tel Aviv was back to its usual bustling self today, and kids were back in school. I went to the J Street office to talk with Yael Patir, the director of the Israel office, about possible projects I could work on while I’m here. She then had a meeting with a peace activist who is trying to put together an umbrella group for peace organizations on Israel. They debated whether working on co-existence projects between Jews and Palestinians would help bring peace because people couldn’t demonize the other if they had personal relationships or if relationships between Jews and Palestinians could never be normalized until there was peace.

I then went to a class on the Zohar taught by Dov Elbaum at BINA–The Jewish Movement for Social Change. I had missed the first two sessions because of the Beth Emet trip, but, fortunately, have enough background that, even in Hebrew, I could follow the lecture. The class is large, about 50 people, mainly secular Israelis. It was a nice break from news about fighting on the southern border and debates about peace strategy to discuss something esoteric and spiritual.

Continuing to pray for a cessation of the violence and monitoring the news closely.

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