Tel Aviv and Jaffa at night

Tel Aviv and a night stroll to Jaffa

Pastor Nabors: From the settlement we drive into Tel Aviv and check into Hotel 65 on “Rothschild Boulevard.”  It is the main boulevard in the entire city.  It is a different world from our last few days.  This is a modern city with all the amenities.  It looks like an ethnic downtown Chicago.  The hotel lobby is average, less stellar than the Prima Kings lobby.  But the rooms are far superior and have all the amenities. 

Shortly after check-in, five of us rumble out of the hotel in search of the Mediterranean Sea.  It is twilight and darkness gently unfolds before we have gone far.  We walk these popular streets of Tel Aviv, passing modern galleries, shops and boutiques, cafes and restaurants.  After nearly an hour, we can feel a fresh breeze and sense that water is near.  Rounding a corner there is a swath of blackness stretched out before us like the Gobi desert.  We are at the edge of the sea.  In the distance there is a beautifully building sitting on top of a hill, jutting out over the water.  Rabbi Andrea tells us that it is Port Jaffa in the ancient city of Jaffa (Joppa in our bible) where Jonah boarded the ship.  As we walk along the shoreline towards Jaffa, somewhere along here, Jonah was tussling with God thousands of years ago, in an internal battle regarding his call and commission.  I can’t wait to preach about Jonah again.  We walk for another mile and find a nice place to eat.  We find ourselves consuming sea bass and paella.  Walking back to the hotel, I am in such awe, once again, that after these many years of my life in books about this region, I am in this region.  Thanking God for grace and excited to share this story. 

Rabbi London: We eat at a restaurant on the Tel Aviv/Jaffa border. What I don’t realize until the following week is that it’s a ten minute walk from the apartment I’m renting in Jaffa!

We are back in the hotel by 11:30. 

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